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Discerning the times we live in.
Highlights and issues of the day,
for the purpose of understanding and the call for prayer.

God has a plan, Satan has a plan and man have plans. 
We must descern and uphold Gods plans.



The following Video is so important for us to listen to.
In my travels to the nations over the last 30 years i heard stories and wittnessed 
the aftermath of what this woman is talking about in the video.
PLEASE watch or read the transcription with your political glasses OFF, 
Not as a republican or democrat, but rather as a free person who loves liberty and all that is good.

As christians we need to pray for America that the plans of the enemy and the plans of evil people are not fullfilled. 

It is not that I am in full agreement with all that she says, this is not the point.
It is rather that she sheds light on an issue that we should be aware of.