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Various :

  • Germany, man healed in his hip. Talk to Sadie no longer needed a hip replacement.

  • His wife also testified that her knees were healed and she no longer needed the special shoes she was wearing.

  • In Coshocton Ohio I woman testified that her high blood pressure that was over 220 or more due to either a heart attack or stroke was healed the next day she testified that it was around 114.

  • In Cleveland Ohio a man with pain in his spine that he said was causing him to go blind, said that after I had had laid hands upon him that the pain left and he felt he was healed.

  • In Cleveland Ohio a man with extreme back pain who could hardly walk or stand was healed.

  • In West Palm Beach Florida a woman who was watching online was healed of us were swallowing issue and not able to eat properly when she heard the word of knowledge given.

  • A man with a back brace And the special shoes and a walking cane was healed and came back the next day with no braces in a walking cane.