Healing Testimonies: Amberg, Germany

Woman with pain in her back that went down her leg, testified of being healed.

A man with pain in his shoulder and right side of his body, testified that he was healed.

An Iranian man with pain in his stomach area, testified of having no pain after he was prayed for.

A man who said he had pain in his heart. The chest area over his heart felt hard. After the prayer it became soft and the pain was gone.

Woman who had high blood pressure, testified that she was healed after feeling heat that went all over her body.

A man's lower back pain healed.

A lady with high blood pressure felt power of God go through her, she felt peace afterwards.

Constant issues with sinuses being stuffy and blocked. Sinus passages cleared instantly.

Germany, a man was healed in his hip and no longer needed a hip replacement.

This same man's wife also testified that her knees were healed and she no longer needed the special shoes to walk.
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