Healing Testimonies in USA

Coshocton, Ohio - a woman testified that her high blood pressure that was over 220 was healed. The next day she testified that it had dropped to 114.
Cleveland, Ohio - a man with pain in his spine that he said was causing him to go blind, testified that after he was prayed for, through the "laying on of hands," the pain left and he was healed.
Cleveland, Ohio - a man with extreme back pain who could hardly walk or stand was healed.
West Palm Beach, Florida - a Word of Knowledge was given about a woman watching online. She called and testified that she was healed of a swallowing issue (of which she was not able to eat properly.)
Testimony - A man with a back brace, with special shoes, as well as a walking cane, was healed. He came back the next day with no braces nor a walking cane.

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