Healing Testimonies in Istanbul, Turkey

1. Tumor Healed of an online viewer: There was a tumor on her head. She wrote us a prayer request in the live broadcast. After praying, the lady went to the doctor. The doctors gave her a clean report. The tumor on her head is gone.

2. Hernia : Volkan had a hernia. It was pain that came at a certain time every year. He recovered after prayer. There is no pain anymore.

3. Bronchitis: She went to the doctor for bronchitis and used a lot of medication. Then these drugs caused ear infections. Ear pain was aching all over her head and her face was swollen. After Vincent Skinner prayed, the pain went away.

4. Chest pain: He had flu, fever, and cough. His fever dropped before the healing meetings, but his cough continued. When he came to the meeting, Vincen Skinner did not pray over him but he received his healing just being in the meeting. There was also pain in the chest. Vincent Skinner prayed over him and he realized that when he went home at night, he received his healing. There is no pain in his chest anymore.

5. Throat Problem: She had been battling with throat problem for 3 weeks. The throat ached, especially every evening and morning. By the word of knowledge, Ev. Vincent Skinner called out someone with a sore throat, she immediately came forward. He prayed and she got her healing. The next day the pain came back and she said, “I reject this pain, I got my healing in the name of Jesus ''. After saying this, the pain left completely.

6. Pain in Spinal Cord/Vertebrae: There was a lot of pain in her spinal cord/vertebrae. She went to the doctor and had a test. They said there was inflammation in her spinal cord. Whenever she moved, you can literally hear her spinal cord  bones crack. Pastor Godwill sent someone to bring her in a taxi to the meetings from the Asian side of Istanbul because she could hardly walk. Vincent Skinner prayed for her and by the next day the lady could walk and run. She got healed completely.

7. Genetic Asthma: This lady had genetic asthma. She had to use several drugs over her entire life. Vincent Skinner prayed for her and she is totally free from asthma and no longer uses medication.

8. Intestinal inflammation: Gulay had intestinal inflammation for 3 years. During these 3 years she went to many hospitals and did not get any results. Doctors said that her intestines where not working properly. Evg.Vincent prayed and the lady got her healing.

9. Injury of the Knee: Irene twisted her knee during basketball training. She could not play basketball due to her injury. She was under treatment. There was pain in the knee. Evg.Vincent prayed and the pain went away, she can now play basketball.

10. Eyes Healed: She used to wear glasses. After praying, she began to see better and can now see without here glasses.

11. Hip & Knee Pain: Seven people had either pain in the hips/waist or knee. they all got their healing. they all came and gave their testimony.

12. Pain in Chest : Three people all had pain in the chest. they all got their healing.

13. Depression Healed: She was depressed. She got free after Evangelist Vincent prayed for her.

14. Ear Pain: He had ear pain. He recovered after praying.

15. Vertigo Healed: Woman was healed from Vertigo, as well as two family members where healed who she stood in for.

16. Thyroid, Liver Problem, Heart Issues, Blood & Cholesterol issues Healed: There is a great testimony when you (Vincent) were ministering in Istanbul. This lady had internal sickness for about 6 months. She got prayed on Sunday by you. She felt something happened on the inside. Next day she went for tests to the same hospital. The test results came in today and there is no signs of sickness at all. She wanted me to share this with you. Praise God. She had thyroid, liver problem, heart issues, blood and cholesterol. I don’t know some names in English seems like major. But all cleared and healed.
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